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Persuasive Writing 101

I’m certainly getting a kick out of #3353Clinton’s class already. The tweeting and keeping up with social media and current events really helps me feel like I’m in the business already. The mock interviews were certainly a good trial to see how we would fend for ourselves. The guest speakers have been knowledgable and educated about their profession, and always had great answers to our questions. I feel like this blogging aspect of the class is a little out of my normal habits. On the controversial side of that though I feel like this is a fantastic exercise to see how developed of writers we all are.

Some of the more important aspects of blogging in my opinion is to really have a message that you’re passionate about. Something that you have a lot of interest in and something you’ll be happy you invested your time in. I feel for me that this blog gives me a chance to think and write it all out. It gives me the opportunity to indulge in writing for myself, which I rarely take the time to do. I feel like for a developed writer you must have the ability to take on a project such as a blog. Web writing has a certain unique skill set that is required. It’s a different world that print media, and in my opinion threatens it all together. Social media happens to be a large population of how the media works today. Twitter is probably one of the quickest methods of finding out current news. Although, the information isn’t always a source of credibility. It still has granted so much power to media and specifically personal and individual media in the short amount of time it’s been around it’s grown like a monster that can’t get enough.

This class may actually influence me to write more. Maybe not for a blog, but for more personal reasons. I find that I have a relatively good sense of humor. I like to tell jokes and talk about what I find funny. Maybe writing for myself will give me the opportunity to maybe one day get behind a microphone and tell some jokes. I’ve wanted to start doing comedy for a while, but am still getting a list of jokes worked out. I am perfectly comfortable talking to people and strangers I don’t know. I find I don’t have a reason to talk to them in the first place. Then I like to question that and see if there is something worth finding out about strangers. My conclusion is that if you pry and are interested in finding something out that is new and unfamiliar about a someone new. You are more likely to find out something you didn’t know and learn something. Possibly being out more socially will show also show skills that most people don’t see because most people don’t have a chance to see how you write or think when doing a job interview or something of that nature.

To conclude my current postion on the class; I find it is a great help to understanding the field of media. Blogging on the other hand is still just a past time for people with a message.


One response to “Persuasive Writing 101

  1. Julie Ratliff ⋅

    You obviously have great writing talent! This blog is organized and exceptionally clear. I hope you do keep up with this blog but even if you don’t, you should post some of the things you write on here.

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