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Yet another rambling post.

Continuing to think more in depth about the industry and field of public relations, marketing and broadcasting I really try to indulge my complete focus to the art of presenting yourself and learning to market yourself. I feel it is close to being important enough to even market yourself as a brand. Even if that means submersing yourself into creating a designed logo for yourself. I think that being able to present yourself in a manner that people are interested in buying you as well as your product then you’ve marketed yourself properly. Marketing yourself is a overwhelming aspect of this career and field.

These aspects of journalism have changed drastically in the last five years. It’s amazing and literally puts me in a state of awe to try and fathom how far technology has come in the past ten years. I literally have watched it grow into what it is, and it’s still hard for me to fathom how people use to live without a cell phone by their ear constantly. Or the GPS systems stuck in virtually every electronic device on the market today.  We looked last week at the number of tablets that released after the iPad, and the number being like 60 or so different brand tablets came out after. Every five months something new comes along and outdates the technology you just recently got paid off.

Technology today is growing smaller, faster and capable of doing ten times what your last could do. It’s important to know how to operate your way around these websites and new forums, a media sites. You must be able to adapt and quickly adjust to new platforms and ways the industry is changing.

Needless to say my plate is full, and I’m still not even on the main serving yet.

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