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A new beginning.

I encourage you to challenge everything that doesn’t make sense to you. I want every single person who wants to be a part of change and make a difference in the country to familiarize yourself as best you possibly can with the law. Study to know it. Do as much as you can do to stay consistent and current with the law and it’s workings. And, if you really have the time, money, drive, and effort to go into law school. If you’re that ambitious enough, please do as much as you can to make even a subtle difference. Do it for your kids, your grandkids, and for future generations. It seems to be the only way we can make a difference. 

My goal this week, besides getting everything done, and done perfectly. Is to not be lazy, and to take every opportunity given to do something productive. 

This has been another blurb on Persuasive writing 101, with Craig Freeman.


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