How to get associated

This article gives good detail about how investment on and what can come of internet companies.


Chris Brown has more followers than Disney, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Nike combine

Why is this you may ask?

Why would a people be more interested in a person than a brand?

Well if you hit a famous girl people are going to watch your hands in the card game so-to-speak. This article says a great deal about why companies are trying to create a personal image, such as a celebrity image for their brand.

The real big brother

This article talks about how big retail stores market specifically to your each and every purchase at the store.

Cameras that analys your eye movement and track where you directly look is not only targeting you, it’s targeting your subconscious, which is the most scary and abnormal concept to get around in the area of marketing. Do we just let them tail us and track what we buy and spend time looking at? This type of market is happening all around you and now they can personalize how you buy and shop down to the drive thru menu at some local fast food joint.

Remember someone is always keeping an eye on every single thing you click on.

Happy surfing.

Twitter’s revenue

This article is about Twitter’s plan to make money through advertising. When companies want to post a Tweet about a promotion, Twitter is going to allow this post to show up at the top in yellow even if it had been posted much later. Risky or money in the bank?

They are although focused on the Twitter customer, so I think this will be helpful, but only if you like being advertised to AND you like personalized advertising.